MaxI took the kids out for a walk in the wagon one afternoon, a few days ago, to get fresh air. Grace was talking about how she liked the sounds of the birds, so we stopped and talked about that for a bit. I continued on and was intently listening to the birds chirping. This car started honking and honking and honking. I looked back to see what was going on and noticed they were looking at me and pointing at something down the street from where we were standing. I looked down that way and there was Max laying flat on his back on the sidewalk. Not making a sound, just laying there content. He must have jumped out of the wagon after we stopped to listen to the birds! I ran back and picked him up. He seemed perfectly fine, never cried one bit, and didn’t have any bumps or scratches.

I was shaken up and about to cry at first. I was carrying him home so as not to risk losing him again, but then starting laughing so hard I could barely make it the rest of the way home. I just kept thinking about the person honking their horn. Can you imagine what they were thinking?

I hope I’m not reported to DFS. I am still not sure why Grace didn’t mention to me that her brother was gone from the wagon. In a nice way, I asked her if she had pushed him out, and she says no. I’m so thankful that he wasn’t hurt and am reminded this week that he is so precious.