We are fortunate enough to have a lot off “stuff”. We have so much, that we have small side rooms, that we call “toy closets” on each floor of our house to keep toys so that no one gets overstimulated by all of the choices of things to play with. Grace and I spent some time cleaning out one of the toy closets last week. I asked her to choose her favorite ten animals and dolls and to put them on her bed. While she was busy doing that, I chose another ten that I thought were probably her next-most-beloved. After those 20 (twenty!) were in a nice cozy place, I put the other 50 or so stuffed gorillas, bears, bunnies, geese, dolls, snowmen, and lions in our pack-n-play. My plan is to take them to a children’s hospital if they would accept them. I have been reminded several times lately of how many kids have struggles so much bigger than being overstimulated by too many toys.

Last night Grace got one out of the pack-n-play and asked, “why was this kangaroo and her baby in the pack-n-play mama?”. So I started explaining in simple terms that we are very fortunate to have a lot of stuff. I continued by explaining that the most fortunate thing about it is that we have four grandparents and a lot of aunts and uncles and other close friends that love us so much that they send gifts very often. I explained that some kids don’t have as much stuff and how nice it would be to give to them. I added that it would be really awful if the mailman came tomorrow with another package for Grace and I had to tell him that we couldn’t accept the package because we had run out of room. She thought for a second and said “you’re right mama, we should give some of Max’s toys away”. Dan and I both literally rolled on the floor laughing.

We are so fortunate to have so much love, laughter and stuff in our lives! I looked at these pictures taken Sunday morning of the kids in the kitchen playing with Dan. In looking at the pictures, I wondered how I could ever look at my kitchen and wish it was fixed up. How much more perfect could it be?