In this spirit of this being a baby book, of sorts, here are some pictures of things that have been going on recently in our life. These are mostly outside of our direct role as parents, but things that keep us fulfilled, in addition to our kids 🙂 I wrote the other day about our house being full of stuff, but this is a different kind of full. My challenge, as always, is to find peace and joy in this fullness. These are the recent things that have given me that sense: Dan and I did a marathon relay with my life-long best friend, Jen, and my sister Missy; I’m taking another round of ukulele classes (aka “uke-mamas”) from our local parenting guru and gifted musician, Carol Kaplan (with several good friends) –this is us practicing “somewhere over the rainbow”; Dan bought me a super-cool pink bike for my birthday; our tulips bloomed. Another thing that happened this week that reminds me of how in awe I am of this world: we had an earthquake in Missouri. Hope that doesn’t happen again soon.