Max in the kitchen

We moved Max from his high chair to a booster seat so he could finally really join the family at the dinner table. He looks like such a big boy sitting there. He really wants to use a fork and spoon and drink from a cup. It is funny what a different perspective we have as he is our second child. He was probably ready to sit at the table and drink from a cup a month ago or more but we just didn’t get around to trying it. We probably tried to get Grace to eat at the table when she was 6 months old, we were always so excited for the next step.

We’ve had fun with our little buddy at the table with us. We were finishing dinner the other night and Dan gave both kids a little brownie (brownies were thanks to Grandma who made them while Dan and I were in Florida!). This is another difference between #1 and #2. We avoided giving Grace junk food until she was almost 2. Max, on the other hand, is welcome to it any time the rest of us indulge. Max took a bite of the brownie, spit it out, and threw it across the table. We all laughed a little and I said, “Max, we don’t throw our food”. He looked me in the eye with a little glimmer, smiled, picked up another piece of chewed up brownie and threw it across the table.

So if we put him in the booster seat way past his time and gave him chocolate way before his time, when are we supposed to start disciplining? Well, in the brownie chucking moment, I figured now was the time. I told him again that we don’t throw our food and that he was going to have a time out. I turned his little booster seat around so he was facing the dining room all by himself. Once he was turned around, Dan and I were cracking up watching him sit there without a care in the world. Grace was also cracking up with the funniest look on her face. I think it was a mixture of disbelief, glee and wisdom that says this isn’t the first time this will happen and my mom has no clue.