Our kids are amazing little characters. Max looks like a tiny magic dragon sitting calmly getting a breathing treatment through the nebulizer. He got another cold and it went straight to wheezing so he had to get some medicine through this machine. He is so amazingly still himself even when he has trouble breathing — calm, peaceful and sweet. Dan was in Seattle at a conference and Max woke up in the middle of the night breathing quickly and with a funny sound. We waited until morning to go to the doctor where they confirmed that he was having a lot of wheezing. He got breathing treatments for almost a week and has recovered nicely. We were planning to go to Kansas City for a visit while Dan was away and got delayed because of Max’s illness. Grace and I ended up going just for a day after Dan got home. When we got to KC, we took our first trip to the nail salon together with Grandma, Aunt Amy and Aunt Missy. You can see in the picture that Grace was thrilled to get her nails painted pink (with little flowers on her big toes and thumbs). As we were letting the paint dry, I tried to pick a little scab off of Grace’s upper arm and then noticed that the scab had tiny little legs. Our little painted-toe princess had a tic! My mom suggested, and I completely agreed, that we rush her to the urgent care place across the mall from the nail place (only in America). We waited an hour to have it removed with tweezers! Grace was a sport about having a bug in her arm — she clearly has the benefit of her Dad’s influence! The tic was really just a result of another blessing … Jen had picked Grace up and taken her out to their house (waaaay out in the country where the tics thrive) to play all day while Max was sick. Jen even brought her all the way back home (all the way in to the city) and stayed with us until almost midnight, reading books with Grace, going with us on a walk to try to get Max to sleep after multiple steroid treatments and reminiscing about carefree days when we didn’t yet have the chance to learn so much from our kids.