Grace refers to the weekends as “Daddy days” since Mondays and Fridays are “Mommy, Gracie and Max days” and the days in the middle of the week are “Bridget days”. Dan is working on a big grant proposal that is due in two days. He’s been putting in very long days the past few weeks, including the weekends, so we haven’t had any daddy days in several weeks. We miss him but at the same time are very proud of how hard he is working and how he is taking his career in such a positive direction. This grant will be submitted to the National Institutes of Health. As Grace told me yesterday, he is writing a story about what he will do for the next five years. After he submits it we’ll ask him what, exactly, it is he is going to do for the next five years 🙂

My kids are so fortunate to have such a present, loving and fun dad. Even though he has been incredibly busy, they haven’t felt an ounce of stress from him. Grace, Max and I have had a chance to bond a little too with an altered routine, which is kind of nice. One part of the routine hasn’t changed – they love to wave goodbye to him in the morning. I think he loves this too – we wave out the back door as he pulls out of his parking spot and then we run to the front door to blow kisses as he backs into the street and drives away. Max needs this routine otherwise he lays face down on the floor and cries his eyes out when Daddy leaves. We’re all very excited when he comes home and will rejoice when he turns in the proposal on Thursday. Father’s Day falls at a good time in our life this year!