We had a great end to our summer with a trip to Michigan with my brother Rob, his wife Alli and their one year old babies, Addie and Nolan.  I have meant to write about the fun trip and all the little things that have been going on since then, but somehow it hasn’t happened.  We are now fully into fall and have turned over a few new leaves.  Grace started a new school at the Kirkwood Early Childhood Center and is doing great.  She has a spring in her step when I pick her up and is making a lot of new friends.  She is learning about the calendar and patterns and the KECC code: Take care of yourself, take care of others, take care of the school.  She seems to love being a part of the school.  It is so absolutely fun to see our little girl evolve into a person in the world, along with her own strengths and challenges.  Another bit of fresh air that has come in with Fall is that Max is starting to talk.  There is no one on the planet who could understand most of what he says, except us.  He never says “yes” or “no”, he only says “sure”, which sounds like a little chirp, “uh huh” and “uh uh” for no.  He is consistenly sweet and agreeable and I am basking in being totally and completely in love with him.   He loves to do whatever Grace is doing, so I asked him the other day as we walked out of her school after dropping her off, if he was ready to go to school.  He shook his head no and said “uh uh….” and then pointed at me and said “mama”.  I took it to mean that he wants to stay with me.  I was filled with joy in that moment.  And I am writing it down so that when the terrible two’s arrive here shortly, I can look back and remember how squishy and sweet he is right now.   I’m a lucky mom, 24-7.

There are a few other new developments in our life as well.  Dan and my brother Rob are starting to explore a start up related to Dan’s academic developments.  They spent a weekend establishing some ways forward.  I am so excited at the possibility of them working together and am honored that Rob would consider it.

We have also started to deal more agressively with the mushrooms that grew in the basement, due to a tiny bit of water leaking!  Dan got to use his very loud saw and tore down all of the 50 year old paneling that was in half of the basement.  He also tore out the dry wall in my office so we could fix water leakage there too.  It feels so good to bust out some of the oldness of this 70 year old house with the vision of new dry wall, new carpet, new electric outlets and more space for our lives to grow.  Of course, I would really like to know what Suzy Orman would say about spending money on our house while the whole economic world is in turmoil.  I’m hoping that she would agree that water and mushrooms are only good for toads.

The cool, crisp air arrived in St. Louis yesterday.  We’ve been to KC a twice in the last few weeks (wedding of an old friend and my mom’s 65th birthday party) and are looking forward to a weekend at home.  We’ll take in a deep breath of fresh fall air and crunch some leaves with our little chitlins!  In this moment I am peacefully thankful for our life.