We had a gorgeous and fun Halloween this year! We had the most fun since the days of dressing up and trick-or-treating ourselves. And Halloween fell on a Friday – what could be better? Grace saw the cover of a Women’s Day magazine at the grocery store that had pictures of Halloween decorations – this inspired her to begin planning a Halloween party. And so we helped her out … We had a few of the kids close friends over, including the Robson clan, the Altomari’s and the Folkl’s, and had some Halloween festivities, pizza, and trick-or-treating. The best part of the whole day for me was hanging scary lights in the basement and dancing around with the kids to Thriller and Monster Mash. We were each equally thrilled to be there together in our cozy basement getting ready for our first family Halloween party by having a mini rave. When we got down to the real party, Grace was flitting about as a Monarch Butterfly and Max was woof-woofing as Spot the Dalmatian. They were both very excited about the whole event. It was great fun to watch Max get serious about his treat-or-treating. I didn’t expect that he would really get it, but he sure did. He happily went from door to door with all of the bigger kids. It was adorable. We ended the night with the Robson’s hanging out and going through all of the candy (checking for razors?, melamine infested candy?, ticking time bombs?, candy that was simply too junky for them to consider eating?) and letting the kids run wild in our basement. These are the days.