2008-random-sleep-over1“Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed.” -Robert Gallagher

Grace had her first sleep over this weekend.  Her little friend Lillian came over (they were so excited), we went out to dinner, drove around and looked at holiday lights with them giggling in the backseat and then they cuddled up to watch cinderella.   Max enjoyed it all too and played the sidekick little brother just perfectly.  He hugged Lillian when she got there, he chimed in with nonsense when they talked jibberish about the holiday lights and he sat off to the back and watched the movie.  Since this was the first sleepover, they had no idea how to go to sleep in the same room.  At 9:45pm I sat in there with them and they were out in 5 minutes.  Friendship is a joy!