“There’s never a wish better than this, when you’ve only got a hundred years to live” ~Five for Fighting

Today was one of those days.  My work day started at 5:55am and was all scrambled, our babysitter got to work an hour and a half late because it was icy out, it was 12 degrees outside all day so no one could be outside at all and our evening plans got scrambled as well.

I was planning to dash out for a uke-mamas christmas caroling session and then dash back for a swim with my master’s group. I checked in with Dan and found out that he had a couple of hours of unexpected work that had to be finished today. He felt bad and was going to come home so I could go out and then go back to work when I got home (totally insane but his idea).

He went to his car to find it covered in ice and the roads a mess. He was going to scrape and come home anyway because he’s such a good dad and was really missing the kids.  He felt bad that things were so scrambled today.  I told him to stay and do what he needed to do and get home safely.  We were warm, sitting around the dinner table full and with each other, and nothing else really mattered.  In the moment on the phone with him, I just felt so thankful for those basics.  As much as we would have liked to have him home, we had everything we needed.

Shortly after talking to him I saw a channel 5 evening news segment called “A Place to Call Home” about two little girls who need a family.  I sobbed.  They have a “little wish” to go to Libby Luu.  As much as I hate that place, I’m going online to figure out how to grant their little wish and I hope their big wish comes soon too.  I wish I could give them a slice of what I felt at dinner tonight.