“It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.” ~Mother Teresa


When I look back on this past year, it was kind of a calm year for us.  No major life changes, just life as a family of four.  Perhaps that calmess has allowed me to feel love, joy and harmony in the simpleness of daily life.  The feeling is immense.

Our 2008 highlights were:

Grace’s maturing sweet, interested spirit and the sound of her voice when she is confident

Max’s peaceful personality emerging more clearly through interacting and talking; and his giggle

Riding around Kirkwood on the pink bike Dan surprised me with for my birthday

The peace and freedom we felt during our anniversary trip to Sanibel Island

Grace skipping down the hall into the classroom at her new school

Election Day

Dan’s return to camp ( SciFoo)

Venturing to Saugatuck, Michigan and finding a gem of a town

Getting more sleep and into a groove

We hope 2009 is full of as much love and…

Grace hopes to get better at cartwheels and have more Christmas (preferably every day).

Max hopes to “Ba Mo” (buy more).  He’s the dream child of the terrible economy. He also hopes to get his driver’s license.

Dan hopes to have a nice garden and to take great care of his wife (me, whoo hoo!)

Jen hopes the kids have a year filled with strengthening bonds with loving souls, to expand my boundaries by reading, writing and creating more, to share “baking fridays” with Grace as a way to bond and reach out together before kindergarten starts, to kiss Max’s cheeks a million times before they lose their baby softness, to tap talents for giving and growth, and to get clear on exactly how to tap talents for giving and growth