Sometimes the beauty is easy. Sometimes you don’t have to try at all. Sometimes you can hear the wind blow in a handshake. Sometimes there’s poetry written right on the bathroom wall.” ~Ani DiFranco

2009-new-camera-snow-inauguration-etcWe are dragging through January with little memory of life without 16 layers, darkness at 5:10pm and space heaters in every nook.  We kind of want to sleep until we can shed a few layers.

But we’re fighting it!!  We’re taking the kids swimming as often as we can, Grace is in swimming lessons at the Y, Max just started soccer, I’m swimming and running (outside, if the temperature reads above 20) and Dan continues to eat ice cream sundaes like it is the dead of summer (he’s actually going down to the treadmill right now).

Since 99% of our activities are indoors, Grace is drawing prolifically and Max is starting to as well.  She is really a great artist- she painted a giraffe in the jungle with a monkey and birds flying around it yesterday.  I love to see how and what she paints and draws.  And Max is so proud when he draws something (always for Dada) and he glows when we hang his work on the fridge.

I got Grace all set up with her paints and I went for a run on the treadmill yesterday while Max was napping.  Grace wanted to wash the paint from her hands,  so she went up to the bathroom.   She came back a minute later and peeked down the stairs so I could see her from the treadmill.  Here’s our conversation:

G: “The water in the potty is hot.”

JB: “What?”

G: “The water in the potty is hot.”

JB: “Did you wash your hands in the potty?”

G: “No.  The water in the potty is hot.”

JB: “Do you mean the sink?”

G:  “No.  The wotty in the potty is hot.” She’s kind of smiling with patience, kind of getting frustrated and starting to talk even more jibberish.

I laughed.  “If the water in the sink is hot, turn the other faucet on to add some cold water.”

G: “The WOTTY in the POTTY is HOT”.

JB: “How do you know the water in the potty is hot?  Did you put your hands in there?”

G: “No.  The wotty in the potty is…”

and this time I took my headphones off (why am I so slow?  I am sure this is what Grace was thinking as well)

G: “…HIGH.”

Crap.  The wotty in the potty was HIGH.  I said, “did it overflow?”  She says “No.” and then runs back up there.  She comes back and says “Yes… I’m sorry mama.”  Crap.  The wotty in the potty overflowed.

Our communication was like a bathroom version of “who’s on first”; it was funny and I cracked up.  It  also touched the part of me that knows that she is growing up and that she will try to tell me many things where I will think I know what she’s saying and that my advice is all-knowing but I’ll need to stop and listen to her more closely and learn from her.  it feels fantastic to have the chance to grow with a little person who changes before your eyes.  You should see the role reversal when she tries to coax me into touching and holding Sara Frog.  She has the kindest, gentlest look in her eye while she searches for a way to convince me to pet the frog before I run away.  I hope she can continue to be patient with me!

As for my patience, at least it was just WOTTY in the potty.