“Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blow.” ~Simon Dach


We’ve had some wild weather around here this past week.  It was terribly cold and in the teens for days and then we got our first big snow; then it warmed up into the 40’s and 50’s.  Grace, Max and I got to enjoy the snow on a 35 degree day on Friday, which was so much fun.  We got warm running around with the sled and the blue sky and crisp air were just perfect.  Grace got a kick out of sledding at the hill at Ursuline Academy behind our house.  Max wasn’t that into it, although he waited patiently while Grace and I went down.  He even rode with us a couple of times.


All four of us tromped through the remaining snow at the zoo on Sunday to get some more fresh air and movement.  We watched one gorilla for a long time as he sat right outside the window.  He turned a couple of times and pounded on the windows, which was such a hoot to see.  Was he irritated with the voyeurs?  Did he think it was funny?  Did he want to scare us?  Probably all of it.  Grace was terrified until she looked at me and saw how hard I was laughing.  Max loved watching the gorilla and the geese!  It is so great when he sees something he likes — he doesn’t usually say anything but just laughs and laughs.  It is so fantastic that what tickles him bubbles right out in a big smile and laugh.  So simple and expressive and joyful.

Tomorrow is groundhog’s day.  Let’s do it all again!  Life is good.