“When I was one, I’d just begun. When I was two, I was nearly new…” ~A.A. Milne, and then Grandma Barmann to me, and then my dad to my kids


Our precious Max turned 2 on Friday, February 6th.  He still seems nearly new to me, although he looks pretty big in his crib and I can’t really remember life before he was here.  His cheeks are still so soft and I want to eat him up.  He is talking a lot these days; Dan, Grace and I understand him most of the time.   He has the brightest smile and laugh, and the sweetest disposition.  We are so blessed that he is with us, that he is healthy and that he is so self contained.  His favorite thing to do is to pretend to drive Dan’s car.  His “lovies” are keys, cell phones and remote controls.  He will carry these things in his pockets all day and remember where he put each one of them when he wakes up in the morning.

We had a simple little celebration with family and icecream on Friday night.  Then we had a bigger birthday party to celebrate Max turning 2 at our house on Saturday.  We had the opportunity to have a visit from a chimpanzee named Kinzy!  To have fun with that, we had a whole jungle theme.  (This little guy had no connection to the animals that Dan did research with-those were rhesus monkeys who are not cute or smart.)  My parents and Amy came to town to help celebrate.  We had a few friends and their kids over, as well as Missy.  Dan and I decorated the basement with tons of balloons and streamers so it would look like walking through a jungle.  We had fun pulling it all together, together, that morning.  It was fantastic to see a chimp up so close – he was very loving, very well trained and quite a ham.


It felt great to celebrate Max in a big way.  He loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday and he got to blow out his candles (glad we got to do that twice!).  I’m still not completely confident about how to bond with a little boy — he is so interested in exploring and generally entertains himself — but I am deeply happy to share existence with him and am honored to watch him grow.  Just not too fast…