“When I got my library card, that’s when my life began.” ~Rita Mae Brown


Gracie Summer marched right in to the Kirkwood Public Library yesterday, went to the check out desk, and requested to pick up two books that were on hold for me.  She did this all by herself while Dan and Max waited in the car.

Grace had looked forward to getting her very own library card starting when Ellen would take her to the library when she was a little baby.  The librarians had told her that she could get her own card when she could write her own name.  This happened last summer and shortly after we went and got her special card.  She was so excited about it.

A few times recently she has taken a pile of books from the car to the drop box window by herself.  It is fantastic to watch her march back to the car with her head held high.  Doing the task by herself gives her such a giant boost, it can affect her behaviour for the rest of the day (in a good way).

Yesterday was the first time Grace has gone somewhere without us and interacted with another adult on her own.  We were quite surprised she did it (did I mention Dan offered her $5 to do it?).  Dan practiced what she would say “My mommy has some books reserved” and she asked a couple of times to go over the word “reserved”.  She called me from the car afterward to tell me she got my books.   The confidence in her voice was exquisite.   There are many moments when I am keenly aware that my kids’ job is to grow up and away.  The library is such an excellent place for a big step in that direction!

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