“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of it’s scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.” ~Therese of Lisieux


Simple life clockwise from top left: Max's simple joy; Our first simple picnic of the year; Max simply chugging bug juice; Me simply loving Max's face; Simply the cutest girl with the cutest tiny cupcakes; Grace simply checking on our tulips; Simply the craziest bed head in the world.

We have a lovely life.  It is simple and I hope it is not too little to limit the extent we can love and be loved.

Grace and Max are 4 and 2 and those are ages that take a great deal of discipline and attention.  I am feeling the need to simplify even more (is it possible?) so I have the time and presence to look into their eyes, recognize their spirits and be able to provide a calm and patient environment.  They change so much faster than the seasons — or I should say, they change like a St. Louis winter to spring — one day it is 10 degrees outside, the next it is 74.  Just like when the weather is cattywampus and we realize we don’t own a single article of clothing for either child that is appropriate for 74 degree temps, I have also been feeling inadequately prepared to bring out the best in all of us right now.   They are both changing and need new boundaries.  I need some inspiration!

It could have something to do with our travel schedules (Dan has three work trips in two weeks, I had a work trip in there as well, and we all went to KC and were sick – maybe our life isn’t as simple as it feels).  Ok, we’re in a little rough patch with travel and health.  Spring will arrive full on and we will get in our groove.

We are awaiting those tiny flowers; they are our favorites.

PS – An example of how the kids are changing:  Max pulled a chair up to our alarm system and pushed the fire alarm button.  Pushing that button calls the alarm company, who dispatches the fire department.  The firemen (love them still) came to the house to check it out.  I told them right away that my son had pushed the button.  I asked if they would come in so he could apologize.  He was in the basement and I think they were a little surprised when he came up the stairs and they saw that he is a tiny two year old.  I think he was a little surprised to see our kitchen full of firemen in full fire gear.  He looked them right in the eyes and said “Sa sa” (sorry).  They were super kind and took their time getting back into the truck while Max watched in total awe.  As we were going back into the house, Dan and Grace were talking about what had happened and I think Grace asked Dan if she could push that same button.  Max heard and yelled “No.  No.”  He was fully aware of the consequence of his pushing that button.  As cool as it was to have the firemen and fire trucks at our house, he knew we shouldn’t push the button again.  Now that we know how much he can understand, we realize he has been getting away with SO MUCH.  He had several consequences today simply because I now know I can expect more of him!  And I’m so thankful that we had a dry run with the alarm system.  I didn’t think it really worked 🙂