“There is no one luckier than he who thinks himself so” ~German Proverb


The day before St. Patrick’s Day, Grace came home from school and asked some strange questions. She started by asking me when those little people who make a mess in our house were going to get there. I was confused and she said, you know, the, the, (and with a rare look of stumbling over a word), she said, the Robson’s, you know, those little people. It turned out, she was referring to leprechauns. She explained that sometimes leprechaun’s make messes in your house and sometimes they clean up. She was wondering all day what kind of leprechaun would visit us.

I had planned to make a festive little green breakfast for St. Patty’s Day (following the suggestion of Gretchen Rubin). As the day progressed, it was clear by Grace’s awe and excitement how fun it would be to have a little leprechaun visit our house. I gathered everything festive I could find in our house that was green. I put some green food coloring in blueberry muffins and sprinkled them green, used green cups and bowls and covered the table with green confetti and streamers. As Dan and I were busy making four leaf clovers to hang from the ceiling in the kids’ rooms, we started to laugh about how we’d never done one festive thing in honor of St. Patrick’s Day before, besides wearing green and pinching people. We also wondered about why Grace’s teacher would suggest that a leprechaun come into our house and make a big mess. Don’t we have enough to do before messing up our own houses so the kids to think a little urchin came in?

The next morning, Grace ran out of her room and said, Happy … Happy Whatever Day It Is Mommy. Isn’t that golden?

After school, she reported that a leprechaun visited the classroom while they were outside. It threw all of the kids’ backpacks on the floor, spilled their art supplies everywhere, and even spilled some milk. When she described it, it became clear that Ms. Melinda wasn’t trying to encourage parents to make big messes that they would later pick up, but that she was teaching a lesson that all of our little leprechauns are in the process of learning. I asked her who picked up the mess and she said, excitedly, “all of us, we ALL had to help even though we didn’t make the mess”.

We are very lucky to have a creative and fun teacher! We are endlessly lucky and blessed.  These are the days.