“With your feet on the ground, you’re a bird in flight. With your fist holding tight to the string of your kite.” ~lyrics to Let’s Go Fly a Kite


Where did March go? Better question is where did we go in March? Well…we were in KC as a family when it started, for Dan’s grade school reunion. The trip was a mess as I got terribly sick upon arrival (including a trip to the ER) and Max got sick shortly after my return from the hospital with an ear infection. But the reunion was a blast. I went to Huntsville, AL later that week for work. Dan went to San Francisco and Rochester the following week for a conference and consulting trip. Then all of us road tripped to Minneapolis for the bulk of Grace’s spring break week and spent a fabulous few days with the Minnesota Barmann’s (which deserves its own entry, following shortly), and a day after we got home, I went to Northern Virginia for work.

Grace, Max and I ended the month by flying a kite over at Ursuline. We all gave it our best shot – Grace ran full speed ahead with the kite dragging and bopping behind her. Max found one of his natural talents – he took the kite and ran and bobbed and weaved with it as if he was born knowing what to do with a kite. It went up, up, up and up. I just hope the high school girls were looking out their classroom windows to see little Max running through the field with the kite up to the heavens. My face was hurting from laughing and smiling after that.

Early in the month, I got some needed parenting inspiration from my good old Discipline for Life book. That book provided the amazing reminder that I simply needed to reframe my approach from trying to get my kids to stop screaming, stomping, yelling, fighting and crying to helping all of us work through the problems that make us scream, yell, cry and stomp. We are doing great!

And, we are happy April is here with its flowers and spring and outside joy. We are thankful for each day we march on together. Kites are a huge plus.