“Well I have known all these things and the joys that they can bring, and now every morning there’s a cup of coffee and I wear your ring.” ~Cowboy Junkies Anniversary Song2009-anniversary-trip-chicago

Last year, Dan and I celebrated a solid 5 years of marriage by taking our first trip alone together since our honeymoon (we went to Sanibel Island, Florida).  It was so great to get away and remember how fun it is to really spend time together.  And to actually have a whole conversation.  Our 5th anniversary was really the first year we could have done it because we were busy being pregnant and nursing for 38 out of the previous 60 months, and in the other months we bought two houses and moved into them.  The past 12 months since our 5th anniversary was relatively quiet: no pregnancy, no nursing, no new houses!!  This year we escaped to a simple weekend away in Chicago.

The trip was great – we slept in, we ate good food, we walked and walked, we saw some art, we shopped, we napped, we saw the city from 94 floors up and we slept in again (a whopping 11 hours the second night).  The best part was eating, sleeping, and shopping together.  And the laughing: we saw Mr T and got our picture with him at the famous Giordano’s pizza place (he was nothing but kind, generous and welcoming) and Dan entertained with non-stop insane comments.

The kids were lucky enough to have their own entertainment A-Team (we pity the fools! just kidding, we are SO thankful).  My sister and mom split the weekend up and filled it with love and activities (eating out, a vehicle fair, boats at Forest Park, the Art Museum, the Zoo, the Butterfly House, the Carosel, and more eating out).  The kids looked different when we got home.  Dan commented on it and my response was: “They are relaxed”.  You could see it in their beautiful faces.  It is fabulous that they need a break from us!

Even though we have been together a long time, being married has brought a peace that seems to be ever expanding.   Somtimes, at my most irritable moments when I am certain I married the most irritating person ever created, a tiny element of joy creeps in as I realize that this is it.  I will love him through the end of time.  And he will love me, as flawed and imperfect as I am.  It is the same way we love our kids, but they will eventually go and love their own true love (hopefully).  But, god willing, we’ll have each other to dance and sing, laugh and pray with through it all.  And to share a cup of coffee.