“You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.” ~lyrics from You Are My Sunshine


2009-Mother's Day & randoms

Just wanted to note that Max is still really yummy. His skin is still baby soft and chubby. Dan is still the light of his life, although I have heard that he misses me when I’m gone.  He is happy when it’s a mommy day. We were walking down the stairs together the other day and I asked him if I could hold his hand. We held hands and I said “I love holding your hand.” He said “I love holding Daddy’s hand.”

Up until recently, when he’d refer to Grace, we weren’t sure if he was saying “Sissy” or “Gracie” since we refer to her both ways. I’m sad to say he’s growing up and he can now clearly say “Gracie”. He has also started to call her “sis” which is awesome.

He is getting more and more expressive in the way he communicates.  Most of the time when he asks for something he adds “right now”.  Like, “Can I have some milk, mama.  Right now.”  He has fully grasped how to put inflection in his voice as well.  So you can imagine what the previous statement sounds like.  He looks for opportunities to participate in a two sided discussion.  After most things you say to him he asks “is that outside?”.  For example, if you say “Let’s go down and get you a drink of milk” , he’ll say ” Ok.  Is the milk outside?”  He usually has a very serious expression with his mouth, as if he’s letting you in on something.   He really just wants any excuse to go outside.  He’s picked up quite a few tendencies from his sister as well.  She got a little reprimand for her behavior at dinner and she was sulking and whining.  He said “say sorry, sissy.”  Total role reversal.  And when we were getting ready for church the other morning I was reminding him of the rules at church.  I said “you’re a big guy now” –he refers to himself as “bid duy” — “and you can follow the church rules”.  His response was “I’m too little”.

If you are ever looking for Max, he is usually in his little red car, with no shoes, going up and down the street.  He moves the car like Fred Flintstone, except his feet go so fast they look like little duck feet swimming along the street.  He usually has one of our sets of keys in the ignition of that little red car.  Otherwise you’ll find him in one of our real cars with the keys.  If you see him doing that, remind him that it is illegal to start the car without a driver’s licesnse.  It still isn’t hard to get him to laugh and his sense of humor is right at the surface.  He is too precious; I hug and kiss him as much as I can with hopes that he’ll find comfort there too and still come near me when he’s really a bid duy.