“If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddly poms” ~Winnie the Pooh

2009-Mother's Day & randoms1

Grace graduated from preschool.  She is no longer in the Duck Room at the Kirkwood Early Childhood Center.  She is no longer a preschooler.   She’ll always be my little lady, our little pooh bear, a little sugar bean.  

She had a great year there and is learning quickly, showing confidence in herself, taking care of things around her and making friends.  She walked into that school with a skip in her step every! single! day! this school year.  We couldn’t ask for more.

To commemorate the milestone, we gave her $100 in ones as a gift.  We took her to Target to buy herself a treat with $25.  She wandered around the toy aisle for thirty minutes struggling over what to buy.  It seems like she didn’t really want any of the stuff she was seeing but was trying to force herself to choose.  Finally, we suggested we go to the craft aisle and she lit up.  She was in heaven with how much loot she could get in the craft aisle for $25.   My heart just about melted seeing the true delight on her face as she was choosing.  She’s a little artist and loves nothing more than thinking about what to create, creating things, and surprising us with her works.   My heart also melted  because she bought a lap desk that had a little turtle as the cushion so she can draw in the car.  I think lap desks are the coziest thing and have been wanting a new one for myself!

We took her to the bank with the other $75 and she opened a savings account.  We also deposited all of the change that she’s had in her little milk jar banks since she was born.  It was $71 in change!  $99,854 more and she’ll be ready for college.  But I’m not thinking about that.  I can’t even think about kindergarten.  We’re focused on summer.  These are the days and they are full of tiddly poms.