“An onion can make people cry but there’s never been a vegetable that can make people laugh” ~Will Rogers

2009-June Veggies

I love the idea of getting more of our food locally and even growing some of our own.  We started a two-family garden at the Robson’s farm.  We bought a share in a local farm this summer.   Today, the kids and I picked up our second box of local vegetables from the Family Harvest drop spot in Kirkwood. 

I’m still adjusting to the change in mindset when it comes to planning meals — we’re so used to just picking what we eat based on what sounds good and getting the ingredients from the store.  It is a very new concept to work with what is fresh from the farm each week.  

So when we picked up the box today I planned our dinner meal on the spot when I saw what was in the box.  I planned fresh steamed broccoli, sandwiches with fresh lettuce and radishes and cucumber slices on the side.  That was until I took a big bite of the huge radishes and realized they were beets.   And a bite of the cute little head of lettuce helped me to realize it was cabbage. (Mom, if you’re reading, stop now) I steamed the beautiful broccoli only to find a steamed caterpiller-looking-thing in the strainer.

I threw the caterpillar in the trash and Grace was perterbed with me.  She says “That’s not nice to the world mom.”  “What?”, I say.  “He’s probably hot.”  I snicker a little and now that we are farm people I figure she is going to have to deal with the seasons of life.  “He’s dead”, I say.  She says, in total irritation with me , “Yeah, because you cooked him.  That’s not nice mama.”  Now I’m out-and-out laughing and she says “And it’s not funny.  It’s not funny mama.”  At which point Max has dug in the trash and found the little dead guy and is really laughing.

Two weeks of eating locally grown vegetables and I realize that as quaint and romantic as it seems to grow our own and get back to the basics, we couldn’t be further from farm life.  I never expected there might be a bug on our food.   I don’t know a radish from a beet or lettuce from cabbage.  I can honestly say I’ve never eaten fresh broccoli in my life before.  And vegetables can make you laugh!  This is going to be fun.