“In summer, the song sings itself.”  ~William Carlos Williams

2009-Summer's Grace

Summer is here, or at least summer vacation.

The neighborhood kids have all grown up enough to run around the street together in the afternoons.  There are nine of them that play together all over the cul-de-sac.   There were lightening bugs last night.  We were in our lawn chairs in the driveway.   The sun set through the big old trees on our street.  We went in after it was way too late and the kids went to bed with dirty feet.

Summer is here for sure.  We’ve already had many snow cones, and are in the swing of our favorite outdoor activities — riding bikes, planting, eating outdoors, parks, walks, runs, road races with friends, (the kids ran their first 1/4 mile run!), meeting friends for picnics … a polo match … the zoo … a meandering dinner on a beautiful patio, and long days.  The kids are in a phase of adoring their time together and getting lost in it.

How do we survive the other seasons?  I guess they give us in a year what life is — there are the cold, dark times; the light, easy times; the warm, fresh, clear, blooming times; and the crisp, cool winding down and getting back to business times.  But still, what’d we do all winter? That we can survive the cold, short days with no hope of fresh air assures me that we are surrounded by grace.  It is a true blessing that we can find joy in what’s in front of us no matter the season.  At the same time, it is good to remember that, by grace, summer returns.