“Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” ~Mae West as quoted on soap sold at Fat Bottom Farm

2009-Summer's Grace1

I’m working my way through a baking cookbook Dan bought me for Christmas.  I love the way the house smells and I love sharing the baked goods when they are done.  I think the smells alone will turn our house into my dream cottage.  I want to drop baskets of the treats on my neighbors porches but I am not sure if that would be overstepping a 21st century suburban boundary.

This cookbook is incredible; there hasn’t been a throw away recipe yet.  Last week we had blueberry muffins on Friday and coffeecake muffins on Sunday.  Sunday night was a blueberry cobbler.  (Sunday was Father’s Day – that was the excuse!)  We had chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, banana bread and zucchini bread in the past weeks too.  All incredible.  And none of the incredibility is due to my cooking ability – before this book I was never sure if the toll house cookies  would be flat as pancakes or delicious.  I thought I had a bad oven and worse skills.  My skills haven’t changed, but the oven has been redeemed for helping make our house a home with all those smells and goodies.  For now, the name of the book is a secret in case I open up a bakery.  But that would be after I return to my cottage from the fat farm.