“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”  ~Maori Proverb

2009-OBX Alli's Camera

Today Alli and I got up and went to yoga/pilates.  We stretched, bent and contorted to the Summer Soul CD; not the peaceful waves and chimes we expected, but it felt great.  As we biked to the fitness center, we passed other people biking around, playing tennis, carrying fishing rods; every single person was on their way to a leisurely event.  Life in the “resort village” is pretty good… I’m deeply thankful that we are blessed in the most basic ways as well as the frivolous ones.

After breakfast we went to the beach.  Grace took the boogie board out — she took right to the waves, rolled with it and looked like a surfer girl.  Max likes to dig a little pool and swim in it.  At the beach.  The cousins tool around together; we could watch it all day.  Then we went to the pool.  We ate Mexican food outside and then walked around the Whalehead Club park on the sound side of this island.  The sky was pretty clear and the light again was fantastic as it was setting.  I want to bottle it, drink it and shine it back out somehow.