When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. ~Willie Nelson


We had a good!, long!, tiring!, good! week.  This was our first full week with our new school regimen.  Some patches were rough (drop offs) and others were fantastic (pick ups).  I think we’ll all realign well in the end.  It is refreshing to start a new school year.

The kids said funny things this week, and I am glad.

Max and I went to get me some new running shoes today.  He had been digging in my purse as the sales guy explained exactly what I should eat and drink during long runs.  My whole purse was turned inside out.  When we got back in the car and were driving, Max says, “are these diamonds?”  I whipped around so quick to see if they were.  Whenever I get stressed about money, I think really hard to try to remember if we have a hidden treasure or some huge asset that we’re forgetting about.  When Max asked the question, I thought, Oh YES!  They were quarters.

Grace has mentioned a few things that her substitute teacher has said.  Mrs. Gavin calls Cooper, Cooper-calla-fraga-listic-expiala-docious.  She called Dehlilia Mary Poppins.  And today Grace told me there is a Lily of the Valley in her school.  I pictured a field of flowers or something.  I said “what is that?” And she said, “I don’t know.  I guess it is her first name, last name, AND middle name.”  I laughed and figured Mrs. Gavin must refer to Lily as Lily of the Valley.  I love Mrs. Gavin, just knowing this about her.

I picked the kids up from their schools on Thursday and told them I’d take them to the Sugar Shack to get a treat.  The Sugar Shack is this crazy candy store in downtown Kirkwood.  It is full of old school candy and old fashioned candy jars and you can buy candy by the piece.  So the kids can get bunches for $1.00.  And the Shack is always manned by a child no older than 13 in a catholic school uniform.  It is a mystery how this place can pay the rent on $1.00 sales but apparently they are working in some kind of twilight candy zone.  The place is adorable and packed after school.  As we were driving there, Max kept asking when we would get to the Sugar Shnack *pea*.  He kept repeating it and saying “pea” really quietly.  Like he knew that wasn’t right but he couldn’t get his mouth to say Sugar Shack without it coming out Sugar Shnack Pea.  Adorable.

And this is on the down-low, because poor Grace was in school and it would break her heart (as it does mine) that she missed it: Max and I met the Robsons at the Magic House today.  We were there for nearly 4 hours.  It was truly magical – we almost had the place to ourselves, it was preciously empty of people.  I loved seeing our kids play and play and play and experience the magic.  The most magic thing about it is that Jen and I went there together in HIGH SCHOOL; that was probably more than 20 years ago.  And today we got to enjoy it with 4 of our own children.  It is truly a magical blessing to have a friend to share that much of life with.  And to love her kids is even better than I could ever describe.

Another also, I am taking a week off of talking on my cell phone while driving.  This is hard and I miss those of you that I would normally catch up with at those times.  But a girl almost hit us head on because she wasn’t paying attention and was talking her Hollywood Tanned-up head off on her cell phone.  The anger that boiled out of me at the girl was surprising.  Dan wishes we had a video tape of the two of us in our car – he was honking at her and then I was trying to honk the horn (from the passenger seat) over and over while he tried to bat my arm down and I was yelling and cussing at her.  She looked really really sorry and really idiotic.  At least from my crazed mama bear perspective.  Besides being scared, I’m not sure why I was so irate, but I figure I should consider not talking on my phone so as not to risk feeling as idiotic as that girl or something worse.

I love you all.  I love this life. And I am thankful for all the things that give us smiles, joy, lift us up and keep us safe and sound and together.