Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connected to everything else in the universe. ~John Muir

2009-LaborDay in KC

Max, Grace and I drove to Kansas City over the Labor Day weekend.  Rob, Alli, Addie, Nolan, and Missy were also there.  In addition to seeing Mom and Dad and Amy, we went to visit with my godmother, Anita, and her family (they were having a family reunion so we got to see my oldest friend Joanie and her family, including her new baby Myles and the other half of the Tebbe clan, Michael and Carla and their two kids, as well as lots of other Mugan descendants).  I was also able to squeeze in a dinner with Kelly, Laurie and Shanda at what has become my favorite restaurant (Blue Koi).  We visited the Deanna Rose Farmstead, we had a nice visit with Dan’s parents, my Dad and I took a walk around the lake at his favorite park, we had an attempt at a Movie Night with 4 kids under 5 (it lasted 20 minutes but went about 15 too long) and I had breakfast with my long time friend Stephanie.  The kids enjoyed all of the activity and love.  We had a wonderful, easy going visit.

It is a little crazy making at the same time it is so comforting to go back to the place where we are from:  there are so many people that I simply adore there, and want to spend time with, and don’t get to see enough, and that I want my kids to know, that my head spins.  The relationships are  interconnected and weave in and out through each other and through most all of the time frames of my life.  I deeply miss this living in St. Louis.  I pray regularly that the void that is there by not living in our hometown leaves space for something good and healthy and joyous.   Sometimes it just feels like a void.  I wish I knew what to do with that.

That said, I am utterly thankful for another safe trip, for our health, for every day my kids have with four grandparents, for my siblings, for friends here, there and everywhere, for tiny twin cousins, for our home, for our jobs and for all of the things that give us even the tiniest smile.