I survived, that’s good enough for now. ~Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky lyrics

2009-Half Marathon

I ran the Lewis & Clark Half Marathon today.  It was a beautiful day.  They played that Chariots of Fire song at the beginning and I cried tears of joy and gladness that I made it to the start.  The first 11 miles were easy and fun; I listened to a playlist and enjoyed how many people were on the course.  And then I hit an 11 mile wall and just wanted to be finished or asleep or eating or at least at the end.  Dan, Missy, Jen and the kids were at the finish line cheering.  I felt crappy for a couple of hours until the bottles of water and gatorade could right my senses and I could think again. Boo.

Two girls in line for the bathroom asked me if this was my first Half.  It was, in this decade.  The last time I ran that far must have been ’96 or ’97.  I’m thankful that our life has been balanced enough to allow me to complete 16 weeks of building up to this race.  I’m most thankful that Dan makes it look easy to take on the extra burden of the longer training runs.  He never once complained.  And he made playlists and good dinners too boot.  I wish I had my wits about me at the end so I could have given my cheering section their due thanks.  It meant the world to me that they were there.

Also, during the run, I thought of folks I know who have or are doing something way harder than a half marathon: Chrissy battling cancer, Dad fighting not feeling well, Alli birthing twins, Mom (and Dad) caring for a special needs daughter for 31 years and counting, and the list of non-optional ultra marathons goes on.  I love to run with all my heart and hope it builds some strength that could help me get through tough times with grace like you all have.  That would be glory devine.