It’s a beautiful da2009-Fall & Bus1y in this neighborhood. ~Fred Rogers


It was a gorgeous day in Kirkwood today.  One of those days when the sunlight shines perfectly through all of the trees in this forest of a town, all day. It illuminates the big old houses in our historic district, highlights the charm of a place that has grown over 150 years and sparks an old time simple feeling that I adore. 

Max rode his bike all the way to the Farmer’s Market to play in the little ramshackle pumpkin patch play area.  The amtrak went past as we played.  It could have been 1952.  I adored the neighborhood and my child the whole way.  The air was crisp and wonderful. 

And once again, the blustery autumn wind has blown something new into our house.  Grace decided to ride the bus to school today and joyfully rode it to and from school.  I offered to follow the bus to school and still walk her in (this is what most parents do on the first day of school, according to the principal, and I thought it fitting since it was her first day ON THE BUS).  You should have seen the frown on her face when she saw me standing at school to greet the bus.  She waved for me to go back to my car and did not want me to walk her in.  Ok then.  Wow.  All I can say is, Wow.

2009-Fall & Bus

These children raise themselves to a degree, and she has risen a bit. Go Gracie, Go Gracie, You’re a Bus Rider, Go Gracie.

And to top that off, Max restarted a soccer class today at the Soccerdome, and loved it.  He did not appear to need to go straight to sleep, like he did last winter when he was in soccer.  He ran around doing soccer drills for 45 minutes and still didn’t take a nap.   Go Mackey, Go Mackey, You’re a Bid Duy, Go Mackey.

I’d say we made the most of the day in this beautywood.