“Well, if you want to sing out, sing out; And if you want to be free, be free” ~Cat Stevens lyrics

We have had a million things going, hence the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks.  In addition to work and work related travel for both Dan and me, and all the everyday stuff, we’ve also had some bonus stuff.

2009-Fall Visits & Random

We had a nice visit with Dan’s parents that included Fallapalooza at Grace’s school and a myriad of other fallish activities.  The kids loved the crafts that Grandma Barb brought!

2009-Fall Visits & Random1

The next weekend we had a great visit with the Fish family, including a fabulous chili supper at the Robson’s home.  The highlight of that weekend was baking cinnamon rolls with Carolyn, who really is a professional baker (I will always remember the day in 1992 in our dorm room in Ford 7 that she declared she had chosen her major: bakery science.  Jen then-Harlow was up on top of the loft in our room making all kinds of quips, including, “you’re going to make so much dough!”)  You should see her hands go with that dough.  I was in heaven.  And the rolls were so good.

 2009-Fall Visits & Random3In the midst of the Fall visits, we also got the basement remodel going, after waiting a year to assess the water situation.  The progress is good and the timing is perfect for the cold weather that has descended.  We WILL have a mouse house down there, you have to come see (the mouse house was inspired by a friend with such creativity and free spirit; when I saw hers I knew I had to have one if I ever had the chance! Yay.)

2009-Fall Visits & Random2And this coming weekend is our nanny, Bridget’s, wedding.  Grace is a flower girl and Max is the ring bearer.  We are so honored and can’t wait to participate.

We’re living high and free and thankful for it.