The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living. ~Russian Proverb

2009-BOB wedding & fall1

Our little cottage is covered in yellow leaves.  The kids and I are waiting for a special fall day to come: the day when the magestic trees on Monroe (street we live off) start to shed their leaves en masse.  It is a sight to see when so many leaves fall from the huge trees that meet in the sky above the street.  It will be any day now, I’m just hoping it is a beautiful blue sky day because it won’t be so great if it is still raining.  When this day comes, we’ll walk, we’ll take pictures and we’ll drive up and down Monroe with the sunroof open in the minivan.  We’ll hope that our heads and inside our car get covered in leaves that blow in.  We did it last year and can’t wait.  To honor the season, we made tissue paper, paper plate, tree puppets?! I always dreamed of living in a cottage in the forest.