We have seen better days. ~William Shakespeare

2009-Fall & Bus2

This week was trrble (think Charles Barkley’s voice). It started out really great with a trip to our original nanny Ellen’s family farm (post to come shortly).  Then it went to poo.

Next is the top ten list of things that contributed to the yuck.  If you are reading this and didn’t take a vow to love me in sickness and in health, you are free to go.  Otherwise, keep reading.

10. Max feels bad: Max got a botched flu shot at walgreens from the meanest nurse in the world, wouldn’t walk for an entire day, then had a fever, and then an H1N1 shot a couple of days later.  This all made him very crabby.

9. Single parenting: Dan was out of town for three days and nights for work at the Mayo Clinic so I had the littles alone.

8. Getting nothing done: Bridget was on her honeymoon so we didn’t have our regular sitter for Wednesday; Dan called in a backup.  Backup sitter smoked, talked on her cell phone and generally ignored Max.  Her first question was “does he like cartoons?”.  She was disappointed for about 3 seconds when I said he could watch 2 shows, then she must have decided that this would leave the tv free for her soap operas, which she watched all day long.  Needless to say, this wasn’t a good environment, Max cried most of the day, and I didn’t get a lot of work done before I sent her home.  He kept saying “I love her, but I want her to go to her house.”  Sweet boy doesn’t even know what it feels like to not be comfortable with someone.

7. Rain, rain, rain: It rained over 12 inches in St. Louis this month, while the average for October is 2.84 inches.  3 of those12 inches were in the last two days.  It is the wettest October in history and one of the top five wettest months on record.  The guy laying our carpet called it a “world record”.  Gloomsville.

6. Poop: Grace alsmot pooped her pants while we were driving home in a downpour on Thursday.  I had four kids in the car because we had just picked up two little friends who stayed with us while their parents were traveling for work.  She had to go so bad, we pulled quickly into the grocery store and all five trudged through the rain to get her into the bathroom to avert crisis.  She was literally holding it in with her hands as we ran through the rain.

5. Max feels really bad: Max got an ear infection. He started every sentence today with a very whiny “But Mommy.”  By the end of the day he started every sentence with “But Mommy, you never, ever, let me ___.” (Fill in blank with – eat cupcakes for dinner, play in the basement, stay up past bedtime, eat candy for bed time snack, read books). 

4. Cooped up: Grace, Max and I couldn’t leave the house all day today while carpet was installed in the basement.  I snarked and snapped and whined at them almost all day out of tiredness, cabin fever, rainy day blues, general irratibility and bad parenting.  They snarked and snapped and whined too, but was it the chicken or the egg?

3. We missed fall: The leaves seemed to all have fallen down with the rain.  There is no crunch, no beautiful leaves drifting down, no blue sky.  There is just a soppy mess of wet leaves all over, including inside the house.

2. More poop: Max decided he was potty trained while we were in the drive through window at Walgreens to get his antibiotic.  As they were getting his perscription, he started yelling “I have to go potty.  Get me out of this seat.  Get me out of this silly seat, right now.  Right now. I have to go potty.”  He was wearing a diaper.  I had my head in my hands and actually forgot where I was.  The man at the window interrupted my wallowing with “sounds like fun in there.”  I always wonder if they can hear everything in your car the whole time or just when they are actually talking to you. Oy.

1. More illness: Dan returned from his trip late last night and now has some kind of flu; I think it is H1N1 and our doctor agrees.  I hope it is that and not some fancy mutant flu brought in from the Mayo Clinic.  I hope he gets better soon and doesn’t miss too much of the fun around here.

This probably shouldn’t even be posted.  It is isn’t funny, just icky and blah blah blah and I am sorry for that.   It feels good to write it down and have the freedom to say that is was, in fact, a pretty crappy week.  No runs, no quiet time, just mess.  

BUT, we are safe, I’m prayerful that we will be healthy soon and that the rain will stop.  Here’s what’s needed around here: sunshine, a run, some grace, a really good laugh and a good Halloween.  All in one day will be fine.