For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life. ~William Blake


Thanks to mercy, we are back on our feet after the trying week of last: mercy from the weather gods and the saints of health. The sun has been shining for six days in a row without a drop of rain. Dan kicked his flu, Max rebounded from his ear infection and the lump I found!! checked out to be nothing (I’m still wondering if the mammogram smashed it to smitherines and set it free to float around my entire body, but will let that thought go).  Things are mostly put back in order on the shelves in my head and the walls are no longer closing in.  We’re looking forward to a FUN and busy weekend: the Son Volt show friday night; a kids show Saturday afternoon, cocktails and dinner out on Saturday night and Dan’s birthday Sunday.  Emphasis on fun, that will feel good.

Max and I shared the most peaceful moment at the park today.  He wanted to be pushed on the swing and both of us got lost in the moment: the trees, the crisp air, the leaves, kids playing.   He peacefully swang back and forth for over ten minutes, without one word.  It took me back to the feeling I had being with him when he was a baby, he was so peaceful and quiet.  I was filled with love for my little quiet boy.  And it reminded me of how I love his quiet Dad. 

I have a recurring thought about being like a tree.  In the rain and storms the trees get kind of beat up and they sag and their limbs get moved and pushed and swirled all about by the wind.  But trees continually do their best to hold their limbs up, reaching and growing towards the sky.  When the sun comes back out they perk right up.  We’ve weathered a little tiny storm and are standing tall and strong with our faces soaking up the sun. Sometimes we fall down, but this is the good life and it is all holy, holy, holy.