We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

Thanksgiving is almost here!  We are hosting the whole Barmann clan this year at our little cottage.  We are so excited; this is the first time we have spent a big holiday in our house with family coming to us – we are grateful.  Bread, muffins and brownies are baked, the turkey is thawing, the pantry is overflowing.  Grace keeps saying she can’t wait for the churky feast (that’s how she spells turkey; tree is chree).  Me either.   I can’t wait for the house to be full of family.

It’s impossible to express in a consise way what I am most thankful for (there are endless things to be thankful for and I lack the gene of brevity)– this journal is a testament to the things I am deeply grateful for — it allows me to count my blessings as they percolate out of life.  How fortunate we are.

And you know by now how I treasure the little shot of heaven that comes with a good laugh.  Here are the two treats I got recently.

#1 Max to me during the lunch rush at St. Louis Bread Company: “Mommy, don’t you have a friend named God?”  He must have heard someone say something about God, which must have reminded him that I have mentioned God too.

Me: after laughing a bit.  “I do Max.”

Max: “Where does your friend live?  Didn’t you tell me he lives in my tummy?”

Me: after laughing even more and thinking about it a bit. “I think I probably said that God is everywhere and lives in your heart”

Max: “I think you said your friend God lives in my tummy. How does he get out?”

Me: now we’re in the bathroom and this conversation is echoing for everyone to hear. after more laughing and quick thinking “He gets out when you feel love buddy”

It went on and on until he noticed that the soap at the sink was the foamy kind, then we moved on to other topics.

#2 Grace to me at the end of her bath: “Is Daddy reading to me tonight?  I want to talk to him about when clothes were first made.”  They have been discussing history and timelines when he puts her to bed.  Me, I ask about what funny or good or exciting things happened at school that day, which she rarely answers.

I laughed a bit at her statement and looked at her funny.  She’s old enough now to read looks, and she said “Well, its just that daddy probably knows about when clothes were first made and you probably don’t. ”  Another look from me.  Grace: “Do you know when clothes were first made Mommy?”

Me: laughing “there were probably just always clothes. You should talk to Daddy about it.”   In my head I thought, “because he makes stuff up a lot better than me.”   He actually is great at history and she’s getting a big kick out of that lately.  Another gene I’m lacking. 

I treasure these days.  Happy Thanksgiving.