The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.  ~Robert Brault

We celebrated Max turning three on Saturday*.  We had a pizza-and-ice cream-and-25-cent-game party at Happy Joe’s. Happy Joe’s in St. Louis is the same Happy Joe’s that was in Kansas City when I was growing up – it hasn’t changed a bit.  Really, no updates.  It was old fashioned birthday fun, no bells or whistles or chimps or clowns or bounce houses.  Well, there was a big honkin’ horn – the waitress blew it and announced that Max was turning 3.  He was stunned and held really still and didn’t move his eyes or smile.  Poor boy was shocked.  The party was fun and low key; Max was adored and enjoyed the evening.

Max is growing up fast.  Here’re a few a snippets that are signs of the times:

– My teef are woos.  All of them.

– Mama, I need to backroom (vacuum).

– Can I have a show on your phone?

– In response to questions like “did you draw with a marker on your wall?”, “did you pee all over the wall and throw a roll of toilet paper in the pot?”, “did you fill 4 mason jars with cheerios and dump the rest of the family sized box on the floor?”, “did you cut up a whole reem of construction paper?”, Max says “sure I did”  with the most agreeable, affirming little voice.  He has always said “sure” instead of “yes” since he was a little baby.  It speaks volumes about his nature.

We are thankful he is with us more than any words could express.  He is not a baby any more.  But not grown up yet, thankfully.  The best part of the day for me was when he fell asleep in the car on the way to his party and was sleepy when the party started.  He was warm and melty and wanted to be held.  Definately not all grown up!! Happy Birthday Buddy.

*If you call your mom crying off and on for over an hour at the thought of the sweet day you were born, how your spirit is pure and how much you are not a baby any more, “celebrating”.