Time makes you bolder, even children get older, now I’m getting older too. ~Fleetwood Mac, Landslide

We have been busy!  It seems like time has been fast forwarding since Spring Break.  Did I say that same thing this time last year? Do I say the same things on the same days from year to year? That’d be funny. 

Anyhow, in March, we went to Florida and then to KC.  Dan has traveled a couple of times since then, as have I.  I started a new position at work and moved to a new building and new office looking out at the Arch and the Muddy Mississip.  I had an enjoyable trip to Slidell, Louisiana which included a dinner in the Bayou.  As it got dark, I expected the alligator and the two frogs from Princess and a Frog to stroll on by.   Here’s the greeting I got when I returned home:  See?

We lost Sara Frog, to what I’m not sure.  We found her dried up in her home.  Some of us are blaming Cutie Cupcake, the frog Dan and Grace got to keep Sara company.  Cutie Cupcake, or CC, was a bit more agressive than Sara.  It seemed as if Sara stopped trying to eat.  Grace was quite sad at the loss.  I layed with her as she cried herself to sleep the night that Sara died.  She took great care in making a box for Sara, and included a letter to her; she truly mourned the loss. 

It has been a gorgeous spring around here.  I am falling more and more in love with our neighborhood and little township – it is very old, some of it is new, it has character and a historic downtown area and it is also pretty cattywampus.  The kids are growing up and are in the heart of their childhoods, running around outside while I make dinner.  Sometimes I see them playing together or feel their skin when I hug them after school or hear them telling their stories and I can’t believe how wonderful it all is.  And at nearly the same time, I can’t believe what huge messes they can make.

There has also been a lot of tree climbing.  I’m pretty sure Grace’s legs are calloused from it all.   That girl is certainly getting bolder. 

We have also had pretty regular severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings; the kids are growing up as true midwesterners.  I was worried they wouldn’t get that outside of Kansas, but no worries there.  We are also coming to the end of what Dan calls Jenuary (the month starting with my birthday, including our anniversary, and ending with Mother’s Day).   I will mourn the end of the gift getting season!  But with summer to look forward to,it’ll be ok.  We’re counting down the days till the snow cone stand opens. (I know I said that last year.)