Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.  ~Carl Sandburg

Thank you Dan and my little chitlins for planning the perfect Mother’s Day.  We went to church where the kids passed the “little churches” and Max cried to take communion, so he had his first (we’re still adjusting to the episcopal church where that happens at any age, without pomp and circumstance).  Then we went to brunch at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.  This is where we had our wedding reception; Dan and I both love the spot.  You can’t be there without feeling swanky.  Then we changed into play clothes, went to the zoo, and came home for a great dinner.  It was a joyful and easy day. 

For some reason yesterday,  I thought again of the day after Grace was born when I couldn’t look at her any more because I loved her so much it was painful.  I think that was a crazy hormonal surge or something, but recently there have been moments where I am so grateful for my kids and their well being and the relative peace in our lives, that I feel that I might burst.  I do my best to say my prayers of thanksgiving and to stash some of that in the recesses of my heart and mind for days and times that are harder.  But for today, it was nothing but joy.