How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

We’re nearing the end of Grace being a kindergardener and are amazed at the changes we’ve seen in our little pooh bear.  She has gained a confidence and independence that put a spring in her step and a strength in her stance.  She dresses herself and makes her bed and combs her hair and brushes her teeth.  She has made a number of little girl friends and has had quite a (birthday) party calendar to keep up with this year.  She has absorbed so much knowledge about the planets and seasons and authors and art. Grace is reading like a pro.  She devoured Junie B First Grader (at last!) this week and she is currently in love with a book from the 70s called The Little Duck.  My brother had this book when we were kids and I remember every picture – there must be something perfect for kids in the way this book is put together. 

She still loves dessert and has also taken to eating a huge variety of things, including meat, which we never thought would happen.  She still snuggles into any cozy spot she can wiggle into with twelve blankets on top, a stuffed animal or seven at her side and 38 trinkets along for the journey.  Her hands are noticably not baby hands (from all the writing, tree climbing, bar swinging), she’s much taller, and her sense of humor is still fabulously at the surface.

Mackey plays like a pro.  He is self contained and resourceful.  That said, he adores playing with Grace and is saddest when she needs time to herself.  They play house hour after hour.  He is a doer – he will always try to do something himself before asking for any help.  I never love him more than when I am leaving his school after dropping him off and he stands in the window, waves and blows kisses.  He would like to cry his eyes out, but he shows affection.  The other morning as he was clinging to my neck in a warm hug, he told me he loves Mommy days because he can love me all day long.  He is soft and sweet and continues to respond to most things with “sure”.  He is also still a “key man” according to his own explanation after a friend lovingly saved an old house key for him.  His love for keys has resulted in three sets of car keys disappearing into his three-year-old black hole.  He is funny and thoughtful and still only likes white, bland food.  He told Bridget today that he wished he was a marshmallow, so he could eat himself. 

These two are my heart and soul.