And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer,
The very crown of nature’s changing year
When all her surging life is at its full.
~from Summer by Amy Lowell

Life is at its full right now and we are grateful.  Here are a few things I’d like to remember about this summer. 

Grace is turning 6 tomorrow.  She skips and hops and is upside down a lot of the time.  There is a little rascal living inside of Max that comes out a lot of these days.  His world has been turned upside down a bit with the change in routine this summer; he’s in a sort of disequilibrium which I am positive will right itself soon.  It will.  I promise you.  No need to worry about our house getting torn to shreds every time he “naps”.  The totally peaceful boy will take back over soon.  Very soon.

We had a fun visit with Dan’s cousin Marty and his family.  The kids loved playing together.  Molly and Jack are just about the happiest, most joyful kids we have ever seen.  It was very cool to see their affect on Grace and Max.  It was a fun and energetic but peaceful weekend.

The kids and I went to KC in May and in June.  During the June trip, we overlapped with everyone in the family at some point, except Alli and Addie.  I also went to a girls weekend with friends from grade school through post college.  I was terrible about getting pictures the whole weekend.  The kids loved seeing everyone, especially Jim who they don’t see often.  Grace and Nolan spent a lot of time together making a snake out of baseball cards, all lined up facing the same direction.  I tried to get a creative shot of them laying next to their work, which just turned out funny. 

Grace and I went to the Muny Theater to see Beauty and the Beast with some friends.  It was a magical night with cool air and a breeze; we went to an event before the show where we got a backstage tour , had dinner, and got to meet some of the characters.  Grace seemed to love the show; I loved having her on my lap and taking it in with her.

We used the long 4th of July weekend to put some of the lazy back into the Lazy Summer.  I didn’t get the pictures I wish I had.  We love to stay in Kirkwood for the 4th and be a part of the neighborhood fun.  We went to the kids parade and we all napped for part of the afternoon and we saw fireworks in Kirkwood park.  We had our first sparklers and they were duds – next time we’ll make sure to get those metal ones that get really hot – they actually sparkle.  The ones I got were more like blow torches that shot of sparks once in a while.  It was fun to trash the driveway with whippersnapper and snake shrapnel though.

We are now in the ides of summer.  We are thankful for all of the friends and family we’ve been able to see and the events we’ve attended.  We’re looking forward to more and to our summer vacation to Colorado.  We’re also looking forward to having a new little nephew in our lives very shortly.  We’re grateful for health and all of the blessings that comfort us in so many ways.  Again, I’m in awe of the dose of good life we enjoy and the amount of love and gratitude I feel for all of you.