It’s a name for a girl
It’s also a thought that changed the world ~lyrics from U2’s Grace

Grace is 6!  We celebrated by having Grace Summer Camp (remember, her middle name is Summer) in our backyard.  It was SO MUCH FUN!

But first, the day started with Grace’s perfect bedhead and presents.

And we had a birthday dinner of Sloppy Joe’s and cupcakes.

Grace Summer Camp was the Saturday after her birthday.  It started with presents from Grandma and Papa.  The much desired Easy Bake Oven was a hit!

Grace and I had so much fun pulling things together for the party.  We ran all over town finding things that fit with the Summer Camp vision.  It was a joy to see her light up with an idea as we were doing it all.  We were both thrilled to set it all up on the big day.  The flags were a main decoration – we wanted it to feel like the kids were being dropped off at a summer camp away from home. 

We had three tents in the backyard.  Each tent had an activity inside: the first was pet rocks where the kids got to choose feathers and googly eyes and pom poms to make it their own; the second was silly pillows made out of old legs of jeans (from ours and friends old jeans) stufffed with pillow stuffing, decorated with felt stickers, cloth markers, and tied on the ends with their choice of colorful ribbons; the third was lightening bug jars made out of mason jars with their choice of a small square of fabric in place of the center part of the lid and bug stickers on the outside.  Grandma Vicki and Aunt Missy were camp counselors and Olivia R was a junior camp counselor – they did a great job keeping the campers happy in the tents.  Dan and I were the Camp Directors; I had a blast blowing the whistle at the kids and trying to make them laugh.  After the crafts the camp counselors took the kids over to the fields behind our house for a hike.  They filled their lightening bug jars with food for the lightening bugs.  They came back and had a water balloon fight and all hell broke loose.  We may not have given them enough direction; they stood 6 inches from each other and bombed balloons in one another’s faces. 

We had hotdogs and fruit skewers and chips for a picnic dinner.  We had dirt cups for dessert (a cupcake on the bottom, ice cream in the middle and smashed oreos on top, with gummy worms creeping out.   We also had roasted marshmallow jelly beans, gummy frogs and gummy soda bottles (?).  I didn’t get a great picture of the table all set with the food; it was colorful with the fruit skewers.

And the last bit of chaos and sugar coated fun was making s’mores.  No one puked, but baths were needed for several kids to get the marshmallows off their hands.  We overdid the desserts but I didn’t see how we could have summer camp without s’mores.

The whole party was an experience for all of us and it turned out to be a lovely day.  A small group of us stayed out until way past dark enjoying the beautiful night.  Thanks to all who helped us with the party and had fun with us.  Most of all, thanks for the love you have given our little Gracie Summer Barmann Marcus sugar bean pooh bear.