When summer gathers up her robes of glory,
And, like a dream, glides away.  ~Sarah Helen Whitman

The kids go back to school tomorrow.  Grace to first grade and Max to four mornings a week of preschool.  We had a goodbye-summer-s’more-fest with the neighbors last night to celebrate. 

The kids have loved having so much time to run around with their neighborhood friends this summer.  They all get along very well and their imaginations run wild with things to do together – climbing trees, racing their bikes, dribbling basketballs, playing lacrosse, and a lot of other typical kid stuff.  All of it has been and is being done by kids on many streets around the world.  But I am thankful never-the-less that they have so much time to be free and be kids and run and play.

We are mostly* ready to hunker down a little with some school and some structure.  I predict we will all feel a loss of freedom with those schedules. And because we gotta crack down a bit on what a little whining will get ya around here.

Cheers to new school years!  Goodbye summer, goodbye.  Goodbye living on ice cream and popsicles, goodbye sponge bob marathons, goodbye favorite sport of messing up the basement and then dashing outside to play in the mud and then dashing back in to mess up the other rooms in the house, goodbye long days, goodbye warm nights, goodbye cicadas.  Oh goodness.  Goodbye to the things we love the most in the year.  We will miss you with our whole hearts.  Your blazing hot freedom strenghtens a core of the kids that will always be with them, the part of their selves that appears when they are left to fill their time with their imaginations and joys.  They’ve had the chance to be their unstructured selves and have thrived in the little life they have here.  But you are not enough for them.  We are not enough for them.  They need a little structure too.  And to learn a thing** or three from someone else.  So goodbye summer.  See ya next year. 

*I asked Grace if she was looking forward to 1st grade and she replied with a frown “I’m looking forward to next summer.” 

**Someone asked Max today how old he was.  He replied “I’m 3:05.”