Thank you Minnesota! ~Front page of the Minnesota State Fair website after having 1,776,211 visitors to the Fair this year.  Including us.

Grace and I went to Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend to meet our newest family member, Walker.  He is a gem.

Grace couldn’t get enough Walkeroni (the San Fransisco treat).

As in, she would be fine having a little baby around the house.

Probably more than fine.

Filled with glee, maybe?

Glowing with love?  Wait, she has a little brother.  Just not that little.  Or helpless.  Or calm.

It seemed like Miss might be filled with glee and glowing with love with one of these little guys around her house too. And being an aunt is also good. 

The Rocker and Roller and Walker trio is stellar.

And pretty rockin.

And harder to corral than Walkerrific, more like Mackey.

Speaking of corraling, have you been to the Minnesota State Fair?  It is top notch.

Grace was a little unsure about this cow coming down the road.  I didn’t get a picture of the pig that got loose and almost ate her.  It was close.  Too bad Dan couldn’t be with us for all this fun.

He needed his rest.  Ahhhahahhhahahaaaaaaaaaa.  Oink.  (For real, 1. Dan and Max went to KC for some fun of their own; 2. That is Reggie, Minnesota’s largest boar weighing in at 1450 lbs.  3. Dan has at least 50 pounds to go to catch up to Reggie the Boar.)  Ahhhhahahahahahahh.  Ok.  Moving on.

To this little precious.  Grace would probably settle for him instead of a baby.

This little mutton chop tried to eat Addie.

They made peace.

Then we spent their child care funds and college savings on rides.

Which was so worth it.

Even the stomach aches from being near people who were eating Fair food were worth it. (Why does the Barmann stomach have to be so doggone sensitive?)

It was a great day.  A great trip. 

Great weather.

Fabulous Walker.

And you people.  We love you dearly (you too Missy, not pictured here).  Thanks for playing with us this weekend.