…Wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. ~Budda

Two things Grace said today have to be noted.  The first was as we drove past a house in our neighborhood on the way home tonight.  This is the house that has at least 3 (usually more like 7) giant, blow up creatures for each and every holiday of the year.  Between October and December they never have an empty yard.  As we drove by tonight I noticed a huge banner (I mean huge, like at least 20 feet across) next to the giant  blow up snowman that said “Happy Birthday Jesus”.  I kind of chuckled and pointed it out to Grace.  She asked, “Don’t you like it mama?  I like it because Christmas really is Jesus birthday.  I think it is nice.”  To which I said, “You’re right. Sometimes we forget what Christmas is about.”  Now, on one hand, I agree with her and am happy at how far we have come from our discussion about Jesus while decorating our Christmas tree last year.  On another hand, I didn’t know how to explain irony and tackiness to her.  I took the moment to reflect on how sweet it is that she finds this so nice.  At which point she said “It is about Jesus.  And Santa too.  How did Santa come about anyway?”  How much complication can a mama take in one block?

And the second thing she said today that filled me with peace was as we were reading a Magic Tree House book.  In the book, Leonardo diVinci says that happiness comes from fame.  Several pages after we read that, Grace was squirming and she said that she didn’t like that he said happiness comes from fame because it “wasn’t true.”  She struggled to express herself in saying that happiness doesn’t come from something you have or you get, but from what you do and give.  I was speechless and stunned and felt a weight lift from me.   There are no better words for me to hear from my child during this season of overindulgence and material focus and concern about whether or not we are teaching our kids the right perspective on this world.  I take no credit for her feeling this way.  It was a moment when a tiny wisdom of life appears as clear as the bluest sky – children are pure of heart. 

Now, since this is something that came directly from Grace’s little spirit, how do we run with that?  Pile on the christmas presents?  Help!?!

PS I have missed the blogeroni.  Hope I don’t drive you crazy with updates.