Which form of proverb do you prefer Better late than never, or Better never than late?  ~Lewis Carroll

Ummhmm.  Yep.  Who knows.  It is Feb.  Almost Max’s birthday.  And here’s the scoop from Christmas and New Years!  This stuff is too precious to say better never than late. 

We had a great Christmas Eve in line with our tradition of taking the worst pictures of the year (especially of me) in front of the tree before going to Church, having an easy dinner at home and exchanging our family gifts.  I was obsessed this year with what traditions people have regarding family gifts, santa gifts, etc.  We do family gifts, which are usually smaller things, on Christmas Eve.  Santa brings the bulk of the gifts which are opened Christmas Day.

And Santa didn’t disappoint.  We had a great day together that started by opening presents at 6:00am, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, playing with all of our new toys and then going out for a sled!

We had a white Christmas so we took the kids to Art Hill in Forest Park for sledding.  It was a dream come true!  I have had a goal of getting the kids to Art Hill for sledding for years, but it felt as achievable as setting a goal to see a dingo run past my house.  We needed a day when we could all go and there was good snow and that the entire populate of metro St. Louis wouldn’t also be there.  And it happened Christmas 2010!  Yay.

We headed to KC on the 26th for some big family love.  It was lovely.  I am so grateful that our kids get to enjoy this kind of holiday.  The love it!  We are so very lucky.

We went ice skating at this place where you can get a whole rink for your group.  It was a hoot.  I am planning to debut as a figure skater when I turn 40.  And don’t be like my brother and say that my coat looks like it came from the 80s.  It was a very nice gift from Dan for Christmas (which I so very kindly put on hold for him at Nordstrom one day when shopping for everyone else and made myself late and got stuck in a 45 minute traffic jam in the parking garage and missed pickup time at G’s school, but that’s like three other stories).

We got to have a wonderful brunch with my favorite non-blood-relatives-but-still-qualify-as-family family, the beautiful Tebbe/Dean crew.

And there was the annual christmas pinata. 

And then it was off to Minneapolis for some snow fun.  We went tubing.

And there was half a day spent building what I would call an igloo.  Others call this a quinzhee.  Either way, they looked cold and happy.  It was later that day that we went to a party where the family had flooded their backyard and the kids got to ice skate.

And there was the fun dinner out on New Year’s Eve Eve.  Which ended up not as fun when it came back up due to either food poisening or the freakishness of my sensitive stomach.  But that didn’t overshadow the fun we had out with Rob and Alli.   And it should be mentioned (absolutly must be mentioned) that we are overtaking them in Euchre.  Score is officially being kept from here forward.

There was cousin fun, which just gets better and better.

And better.

And while we’re on Walker.  He rocks.  He is a super-duper smiler.  And the most lovable guy you ever saw.  You can’t help yourself  from eating him up.

So cheers.  Happy New Year! Thanks to all who shared their warmth and love and homes with us.