The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four – of secondary importance is to prepare for being five.  ~Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook, 1985

Maxwell Reggie Barmann Marcus turned 4 years old on Superbowl Sunday!  We sang happy birthday to him with a dessert and candles on 4 different occasions (1. at his party at Monkey Joe’s on Saturday afternoon, 2. at his birthday dinner at Happy Joe’s on Saturday evening, 3. at his birthday breakfast on his actual birthday on Sunday, 4. at brunch on Sunday before the Globetrotters game).  It was a great weekend in celebration of our favorite little man in the world.

This post was written exactly 1 day after Max’s birthday but never completed and posted.  I just opened it today to finish it and realized that I had already forgotten how sweet it was that we got to celebrate Max so much on his birthday weekend.   

Max is 4.  His skin is getting less and less baby soft.  He is stronger and taller than ever (this is how things go, right?)  I do declare that there is precisely no baby left.  I can barely carry him at all, but did still try last night when he was very tired and we had a longish walk into church.  But I have to beg him to hold on to my neck and try to hold himself up because otherwise I will tip.  Do you think I’ll still try to do this when he’s 14?  I will in my heart, fer sure.

I watched Max scootering around our street tonight, chewing gum and full of independence and confidence, scootering on one foot and balancing all the way.  I called him in for dinner and as I walked back in waiting for him I realized that I miss him.  I miss my little baby boy while I love the little boy to pieces.  While he was getting ready for bed I looked at him and missed the tiny baby that I took to the doctor at ten days old because his breathing wasn’t right.  I told him about how small he was and how I could hold him up on my chest and that was his whole size and how I would forget we named him Max and would call him Reggie.  He asked when it was that we named him and I told him that I had to send the birth certificate person away two times because we weren’t sure.  That was all eons ago. 

I’m trying to focus on holding on loosely, but sometimes there is still a little chaffing as the good stuff slips by, even when more good stuff fills its place.  Mackey at all ages is fabulous.  Someday 4 will seem like the itty bitty and oh so close.