One day you’re gonna want to go
I hope we taught you everything you need to know
Gracie girl ~Lyrics from Ben Folds song, Gracie Girl

Our Gracie girl is going to be seven soon.  Ever the Gracie girl, our pooh bear, poohbie and poohbalicious.  She’s my heart and a mystery to me, this daughter of mine; a spirit all her own.

She loves nothing more than playing outside with her neighbor friends (and ice cream). Even when I offer to do manicures since I’m going out of town for three days, she chooses playing.

If mama was gonna buy her something to try to reflect how much I love her spirit, it wouldn’t be a mocking bird or a diamond ring, it would be the best climbing tree ever grown on earth.

If I could create moments that bring out the best in her, they would bring out the girl who is so joyful and carefree, in the moment and confident, jumping on ski slopes in Breckenridge or body surfing in Sanibel or swimming in any pool.

If I could capture her face, and excitement, and uplifted spirit after finishing her science project or getting her first point in a basketball game, I would.

I wish I could frame every little picture with scores of tiny animals she’s drawn, with annotations and scribbled words that say, very simply, without fluff, I love you.

I’m realizing that my intention was to say that if I could fill her life with only these things, all full of best moments, that I would; if I could store them all, put them in bottles and boxes and frames and give them to her to surely fill her up, I would.

But actually, I wouldn’t.

Our little Gracie’s life is very full of moments where she feels her joy and shows her love.  She also feels frustrated and short tempered at times, and irritable when she wakes up or when she needs to do something on someone else’s schedule or when she’s learning something new and hard or when Max is within a few feet.

And she’s mad as a hatter and disappointed when she doesn’t get the blue ribbon at the Science Fair.

She still (I say still because this started the first hour of her life) needs to feel very near to us in order to fall asleep (skin touching is ideal) and she wishes her room was much, much closer to ours (like inside of it).

But now that I think about it, I wouldn’t try to fill her life with anything other than what it already has.  All of these things are already hers, hers alone, hers to share. They are also her perfection, just as is her joy and her love.

Gracie Girl.  Forget manicures, let’s climb a tree little lady.