We came for salvation
We came for family
We came for all that’s good that’s how we’ll walk away ~Salvation Song, the Avett Brothers
We had such a great Easter weekend!

It started Friday night with coloring eggs, and the start of cooking for the feast.  And the Good Friday Tornados.  Thanks to all of you who so sweetly thought of us and checked in.  We were fine and only a little unsettled by the sirens going on and off for hours.
Saturday morning, Mom, Dad and Amy arrived, with Easter baskets, of course.  Grandparents, baskets and aunts!   We were so pleased that they were able to join us.  It means so much.
Max tried chocolate, first in the form of a teeny tiny bite of a mini M&M.  And then a whole mini M&M. He survived and claimed he liked it; not sure I believe him. 
We caught the Easter Bunny leaving baskets for the kids.  They slept through the entire thing.
Everyone got gussied up and we went to a lovely Easter service where Grace and the kids choirs sang “This is the day.”  Appropriately, one little cherub belted the song!  This is the day.  (By the way, that is a huge pink bunny behind Grace, not a boa or giant double hand muff.)
And Luckily, while we were putting the finishing touches on the feast, the Bunny came back!  He hid some eggs inside while the kids scootered around on their new Razors.  They came in, searched for eggs and got to spend some time together.  I was upstairs and missed the whole thing.  Not a soul called for me or tried to find me.  
And then the feast: we had cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, asparagus, rice salad, quiche and mimosas to celebrate all of our blessings.   Totally yummy.
We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon around the house and neighborhood – jumping rope, scootering, riding bikes, walking and just being together.  It was a fabulous day.  I’m filled with joy that this is our life.  We did nothing to earn this.  We are so very deeply grateful.  That’s how we’ll walk away.