The busy bee has no time for sorrow. ~William Blake

So the reason for this blog is to get it down, to catch things before they are gone, to hold on loosely.  Here’s a week in the life:

Grace started piano lessons at the beginning of the school year.   I had to hurry to catch this while her feet still dangle and sway.  I’ll bet they touch the ground so soon.

The kids created a band called the Neverland Hooks and performed for us.  Luckily cameras were allowed, they usually aren’t.  Max wrote a song that Grace penned for him – lyrics included “Oh, oh, oh, there’s a party coming, oh, oh, oh, I like dogs and Chewey Chewbacka.”   His sincerity was almost too much.

Speaking of sincerity, 5 year old Max in a 2T tuxedo and size 2 big kid shoes doing magic tricks.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

There’s after school down time with Max trying to get on some kind of electronic device (even though we try to keep device time to Wednesdays and weekends) while Grace is quietly working on something in another room.  They come together, sometimes for a minute, sometimes long enough to make a band and document songs; sometimes with a shared smile, sometimes with tears and roars and scratches and snarls.  Sometimes Grace shows us what she’s been up to, other times I discover her creations later.  The girl is prolific.  The boy is patient between Wednesdays and weekends.

Speaking of Wednesdays: choir rehearsal for both kids.  At our lovely little old church.  I love that place and my kids in it.

Then there’s gymnastics.

Science projects.


And swimming, which isn’t documented because though I did have my phone with me at the last practice, and I did take some pictures, I also dropped the phone into the bottom of the pool as we were leaving.  No, I wasn’t diving in after a drowning child or getting some awesome action shot when I dropped it.  I was walking out of the pool in my typical bag lady style with towels and clothes and shoes and water bottles and snacks in my arms (I have 4 arms if you didn’t know) and of course the phone in my hand (why?  why can’t it go away for even just a few minutes while we are doing something else?).  And it took a suicide bomb dive to the bottom of the pool.  It went away.

And this guy.  His main job is to keep us from taking anything too seriously.  Except the serious things like kindness and turning off the lights and keeping commitments.

We do our best to fill our scheduled and unscheduled time with laughing and love and learning.  We are so extremely grateful for our healthy bodies and minds that allow us to be so active.  And the time and resources to make the best of life. 

Howeva, how did a woman who truly believes in unstructured down time and not rushing and simplicity create a life that is so filled with structure and schedule.  If you ask my dad, this goes back to when I was a kid.  He tells me that I wanted to sign up for every activity I was ever aware of.  He drew the line at 4H.  My dad would not let me join 4H.  My heart still yearns to be a ranch hand.  I get tears every time we drive through Iowa with my unfulfilled desire to be a farmer.  

On the other hand, I thrive on structure and being busy.  And there you have it- the great borgeois question of balance.