Donde esta Los monos?~Dan Marcus

We have settled in wonderfully to our vacation. Dan has learned how to say two things in Spanish, first, the saying quoted above and the other, mucho gusto – glad to meet you.

These two things are pretty much all you need for a day at the lovely Arenas del Mar. We have not done a thing except try out all of the various places to lay near their pools and the beach.

This place is a tropical dream come true. The fruity drinks are cheaper than beer and they bring them to you wherever you happen to be laying. The staff are exceptionally friendly and are so helpful and cheery while we try to learn some Spanish. Twice our waiter has been Tico Ron Christenson, he looks just like a Costa Rican version of Alli’s dad.

Tomorrow we plan to get up early for a workout on the beach and then head into the national park to search for a sloth.

Here are pictures for my chickens at home: