A person who misses his chance and a monkey who misses his branch can not be saved. ~Indian proverb

We woke up at 4:45am to the sound of the jungle. Monkeys were howling like crazy, calling each other to some kind of monkey road trip. It got closer and closer to our balcony until the main male was in the tree right next to us, howling and grunting.


The others were clearly following his calls as the mamas and babies were coming from all around. When we stopped watching, after 30 minutes or so, there were 20 or more monkeys in the trees in front of us. It was hard to get good pictures because of the light from our balcony, but very cool. We have video to capture the sound- it was SO loud.


I headed down to the beach to workout, which was lovely; cooler than they day before because it was earlier. The beaches at this hotel are idyllic.


I took a nap in this hammock the day before. If you need a really good nap, I recommend Costa Rica. I’m pretty sure I have never slept or napped so well.


We headed into Quepos, one town over, for lunch. Another thing we love about this place is the availability of fresh fruit, without the guilt that is has been shipped and painted with preservatives to our local grocery. We are offered a fresh fruit drink at every meal – these are watermelon and pineapple juice, strait from the fruit itself. Wow!


We cracked up trying to figure out the exchange rate. We determined that we have been tipping $100 every meal. Or $0.50. Who knows.


We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset back at happy hour at our hotel.


And then dancing lessons- we did the salsa and merengue! And then we stumbled back to our room. For some reason, all the napping and laying on the beach and piña coladas in the tropics can be very tiring!